The wheels of the Senior Bus keep going round and round

The seniors know a fun journey is ahead when the large green and white bus comes to town. With the roar of the engine, it pulls up to the Schaumburg Senior Center.

 For more than 10 years, the Schaumburg Park District senior bus, donated by the Schaumburg Park Foundation, has given Schaumburg area seniors the opportunity to experience popular Broadway musicals like Jersey Boys, delicious food from tasty restaurants and a plethora of Chicago tours.

 “I loved the Chicago architectural tour,” said Gloria Schneider, an avid bus patron. “I learned things about the buildings that I never knew before. I also enjoy the dinner theatre shows.”

 The compliments keep coming about the bus trips provided by the District.

 “I really like the trips that go to shows downtown,” said Betty Berek, another trip goer. “I also enjoy the great food in the Let’s Do Lunch program.”

 An aspect that makes senior bus trips enjoyable is the bus itself. The bus has a restroom, air conditioning, a video viewing system and cushioned seats, which makes it comfortable for day trips to Chicago, Milwaukee and other Midwest destinations.

Safety and security is also a concern.

 “I find it awesome that the District has its own bus and driver, Earl Hobbs,” said Lisa Perrone, Schaumburg Park District senior supervisor. “The seniors know they will be taken care of and no one cringes during the driving.”

 The trips have proven to be popular time and time again.

 “I love that someone else does the driving,” said Schneider. “I don’t like driving in downtown Chicago. I’ve seen more of the city now than I’ve seen my entire life because of these trips.”

 Thanks to Hobbs, the senior bus environment is light and fun. Hobbs shows that it isn’t only the participants that make these trips.

 “Earl is such a jokester,” said Berek. “It is nice to get a few laughs from him. He is very considerate, helps people up and down the stairs, and parks as close to the location as possible.”

 New friends have been made during these trips.

 “I have made so many new friends,” said Schneider. “There are always other pleasant seniors on the bus trips.”

 The bus also has proven cost effective. If rented from an outside organization, the bus rental would cost $900 per trip. By owning a bus, the District has been able to cut prices on trips. The huge savings for seniors keeps them coming back.

 “Cost is very important to me,” said Berek. “I go on more trips due to the fair prices.”

 The senior bus will keep rolling. Upcoming trips include the Milwaukee Art and Architectural Tour, Festa Italiana and the Fireside Presents: Hello Dolly!

 The Schaumburg Park Foundation is a 501(c) 3 organization.

 For more information and upcoming senior trips, call 847/490-7026.


Seniors fill the bus for a trip to watch Pirates of Penzance at the Marriott Lincolnshire.